So as everything in life has a process (think about that), the design and build of your website is just another process. If well thought out, you could make it a great place for your customers to shop or learn about your cause.
As your design firm, it will be my job to help you plan and design and then I will produce the website for you!
* I will guide you through the Design Process.
* We will discuss your objectives, your color choices, design ideas, etc.
* I will create an Art Template from your ideas, once adjusted and approved....
* I will create that template in Web page form. Once adjusted and approved .....
* I will create all pages in the site, with further discussion and Art on the addional pages
* Once the additional pages Artwork is approved, I will finish creating the Website.
* All pages will be done and shown for your approval. Once approved, will be ready to upload to the internet.
* I will provide the services of setting up your server space if necessary, uploading the files to the server space.
* I will set up your email accounts if needed.
* I will list your website address with the Major Search Engines.
* Best of all, I will be there after if you need me for any issues you may encounter in daily operations.